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BandCamp Season 5 is on! Now enjoy the camping experience every weekend until April’ 19! Music Under The Stars is BandCamp's own little way of taking you out of the city hustle on a Saturday night and making you experience great live music in the middle of nature. There is a naturally sculpted amphitheatre at the campsite that's perfect to lay back on and count stars, while listening to bands play your favourite tunes. The music ranges from indie, blues, funk, RnB, jazz to rock and pop! There will also be bonfires, a sundown barbeque, a village sunset walk, and some great food! The campsite has large grounds and they’ve added hammocks, books, and games to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Band 1

Shudhi Ramani Ensemble

Shudhi Ramani is a vocalist based in Mumbai and has had a relationship with music since she was 7 years old. Having trained in carnatic music she switched to Hindustani classical vocals really early in life and recorded her first track at the age of ll. Recently she explored the musical theatre space and was lead for a play along with Mayur Puri, called 'I, CLOUD' that was performed at NCPA, Kala Ghoda festival and cuckoo Club. Currently she is enjoying exploring western music too. Writing music together, stripping it down, bringing in the most random influences from music found and listened to from any little nook and cranny, trying new things out, and more craziness along that path are all part of the game for her!

Band 2

Mellissa Dessa Collective

Mellissa Dessa is an Acoustic/Indie artist from Bombay. A Fashion Designer by profession, Mellissa has been charming people with her tunes since she was 4 whilst singing in church choirs. She entered the Indie music scene when she was chosen to be a contestant on Colours Infinity's The Stage 2. Although her journey on the show was cut short, Mellissa went on to pursue music further and now performs at various venues all over Mumbai. Her genre of music includes soul, reggae and pop and also belts out smooth and stunning acoustic covers.




DAy 1

4 pm

Check-in and campsite orientation

Early Evening

Explore the campsite, play volleyball or board games, laze in a hammock or find a corner and read from our book stash. We will also walk through the fishing village to watch the sunset at the beach.


Return from the walk to a delicious barbecue, after which the band starts their gig.


Dinner starts around 10 pm where you’ll enjoy local cuisine. Post the gig, the movie is screened. As the night continues we have s’mores and jamming around the campfire. Whenever you call it a night you’ll be sleeping in your cozy tents!

DAy 2


We wake up to the birds tweeting and go for a sunrise walk. Later, indulge in a long and lazy breakfast while playing more games, listening to music and relaxing.

12 pm

Check out.

Check in 4PM

8th December

Check out 12PM

9th December

Cost: 3200 INR

per person

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