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Come wag your tail & wiggle your ears as Mutt Hutt invites you to the first ever Pet camp at BandCamp! A Sunday dedicated to pets & their hoomans, enjoying music, drinking, playing games, interacting with pet professionals, & camping under the stars, celebrating this amazing Human-Pet bond as Mutt Hutt comes to BandCamp. There will also be bonfires, a sundown barbeque, a village sunset walk, and some great food! The campsite has large grounds and they’ve added hammocks, books, and games to ensure that there is something for everyone.

To Be Announced

A Fish called Wanda

Wanda, a con artist, tries to double-cross her lover and the two members of the gang with whom she conducts a diamond heist. Her plan goes awry when she falls in love.




DAy 1

4 pm

Check-in and campsite orientation

Early Evening

Explore the campsite, play volleyball or board games, laze in a hammock or find a corner and read from our book stash. We will also walk through the fishing village to watch the sunset at the beach.


Return from the walk to a delicious barbecue, after which the band starts their gig.


Dinner starts around 10 pm where you’ll enjoy local cuisine. Post the gig, the movie is screened. As the night continues we have s’mores and jamming around the campfire. Whenever you call it a night you’ll be sleeping in your cozy tents!

DAy 2


We wake up to the birds tweeting and go for a sunrise walk. Later, indulge in a long and lazy breakfast while playing more games, listening to music and relaxing.

12 pm

Check out.

Check in 2PM

16th December

Check out 12PM

17th December

Cost: 2500 INR

per person

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